Monday, January 31, 2011

So I was yust doing some blogging and gaming on my computer, and suddenly my dad rushed in my room and started yelling at me about the bad internet connection...
My life is realy boring and I'm dealing with allot of annoying people these days, don't you people have the same experience every day? Or is my life realy that different from an average boy with my age...


  1. Is it your fault the internet connection was bad? Good advice. Work at your relationship with your dad. Unless he's a total moron.

  2. I never use any heavy programms or stuff like that wich can cause a bad connection, so he shouldn't be mad on me.:(... And when he isn't mad, he can be nice ;)

  3. Sorry to hear that =(. As somebody else said work on your relationship with your dad, life is a lot better when you are on friendly terms with the people you live with.