Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free running

So me and a good friend of mine were yust chatting and stuff and then he came on the idea to do the sport 'Freerunning'. Because of the bad weather conditions, we haven't practised yet but we are preparing for it!
I already bought a nice pair of shoes for $170,- It might not look like it's worth that amount of money but it's one of the best pairs of shoes u can get for the sport.
Our trainer says that it is the most important object u need if you want to become a good runner, because without the grip and landing ability's that you will get by wearing them, you have to do truely allot more work...
For the people who don´t know what Freerunning is ore yust want to listen to some releaxing music, watch the video below.


  1. 170 euro's O.O that's pretty much for only shoes...

  2. i think you have choose good shoe for running like thi$$

  3. Free running is awesome! I hope that new shoes serve you well. :D
    Following and supporting!