Thursday, February 3, 2011

This life...

Read the lowest peice of tekst if you don't have time to read it all!!

I'm thinking about it allot these days... Why does this life socks so much?
I don't know how the world became to what it is these days, but the dayly routine that they put into it for someone around 16 years is yust boring! 5 days a week i have to go to school to ''learn'' but if I spend that time with the exact same books and a elderling or computer to get answers on my questions, I would learn at least 3x as much..

When you tell you're opinion about something at school, they yust wan't to silence you and give you 3 hours of work to clean the school! I even wrote a letter to the school with the human rights in it, but they never answered it, because they know that they were wrong and not me!
I yust love to game, but those old-duchebags think that it is bad for you and stuff... That it is un-social and that I have to socialize irl and not on the web. I mean come on, u guys are the best! You want to at least argue with my thinking about this failed world, and not ignore it.
(All personal experience)

There are allot more personal experiences to tell that life fails for me, but it wil get us nowhere. So I was wondering if some of you who are reading this right now have some tiny/big ideas to change the world as it is today! In a few days, I will make a new post with all the good stuff that you came up to and make a conclusion what realy has to change, and I will also put the stuff in it from people who aren't taking this serious to make them famous with lame ideas :)!


  1. people are lagging being the times. older people dont get technology and how we run shit.

    our generation will either be fucked or pretty cool lol.

  2. they're trying to make college seem like something you're really looking forward to after high school. instant answers via internet headsets (irrelevant insertion) would make things a bit better, but then everyone would be arrogant and smug. wouldn't want that!